(Disadvantage) it has taken away the drive and initiatives from the modern man's wirld and made life too easy. Human mind has been blunted rather than sharpened by the use of modern networking facilities. Moved us away from nature. Made us more result oriented.. taken away the values of modern life. Bight lots of boredom and frustration in our life. We are too dependent on them
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Hey I am only giving the disadvantage and I will give the advantage in your other qs.......if u like our plz mark out best
advantages of media and networking :
⇒ media and networking are the great source of information for students.
⇒ they can be accessed from any part of the globe.
⇒ they help to establish connection with common people,friends and relatives.
⇒ with the help of these, people can communicate and express themselves through messages and comments.
disadvantages of media and networking :
⇒ they lead to addiction.
⇒ it causes mental ill health and harms our body too
⇒ some users share their personal information which is insecure.
⇒ cyber bullying is a major draw back.

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