A girl drove to a hospital from her home and noted that the odometer reading of her car increased by 12.0 km. The trip took 18.0 min
a) what was her average speed?
b) IS she returned home by the same path 7 h 30 min after she left, what was her average speed and velocity for the entire trip?



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A) distance travelled by the girl = 12 km
                      time taken = 18 minutes
18 minutes = 18/60 hours = 0.3 hours

average speed =  \frac{distancetravelled}{time.taken} = \frac{12km}{0.3h} = 40km/h

 If she returned home by the same path 7 h 30 min after she left,
total time taken = 7hour and 30 min = 7.5h

total distance travelled = 12+12 = 24 km

average speed =  \frac{24km}{7.5h} =3.2km/h

total displacement = 0 (as starting point and end points are same)
average velocity = total displacement/time = 0
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yeah but the trip is for 18 min and not 1 hr
anything wrong in the answer?
i don't know i am asking that
yo told distance travelled is 12 km but how?
it is mentioned that she retuned by the same path . she drove slowly perhaps and with halts in between.