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Global Warming is the heating up of the Earth's Surface and the rise in the usual temperature of the Earth.

The main causes for the rise in temperature are :
The smoke from automobiles, 
The green house effect where the clouds hold the heat given by the sun and when Earth radiates it back the cloud cover reflect it back and so the excess heat cannot escape into the atmosphere and 
CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbon) given out by Air Conditioners,Fridges,coolers,etc.

The results of the Global Warming are that 
There is rise in temperature of the Earth's surface, 
The melting of glaciers at the poles causing in floods and depletion of the ozone layer with the effect of CFC and due to this a big hole in the ozone layer which protects us from sun's ultraviolet rays. The hole is over Antarctica whose extent is  as North America.
Ways to prevent Global Warming are:
1. To use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Buses.
2. Use of Buses with CNG because people can travel place to place with only the emission of gas from the bus, Suppose 30 people go in bus then it will produces less harm than if 30 people start their own cars.
3. Limited use of AC's.
4. Fridges must be left open for very less time.