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Hi frnds
child labourers means that childrens are forced to do work as like adults
som work they do is acepteble like
as it only light and easy to do
children also can do it while they are will integrated
this sort of work can be done in adition to an education that children are getting
the other kind of work which are very difficult to do
or it is physicaly exhausing it may be dangerous because here childrens are needed to work for long hours in humilating clothing
in general this works is labeled as child labourer
as world child labourer associations says that in whole world upto 350 million children are made as child labourer
among this 350 millions 8 millions are treated very worst form child labourer there are child soldiers who are forced for prostitutions
they are used for child pornography
they are child slaves or effected by traffcking
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pik my answr as best nd thank me