A room 5 m long and 4 m wide is surrounded by a verandah. if the verandah occupies an area of 22 square meter, find the width of the verandah.

did they given figure
the width of the veranda can't be 1m because if the room is surrounded by the veranda which has its width as 4m then the width of the veranda should be more than 4m
it is 1m.


The length of room = 5 m
breadth of room  = 4 m
area of verendah =22 = 5w+4w+5w+4w +w²+w²+w²+w²
                         =22 =18w+4w²
                         w = 1m

can u explain it
this method is wrong
22 = 5w+4w+5w+4w +w^2+w^2+w^2+w^2
area at corner is w^2, not w.
but the final answer is correct.