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Biological parks protect wild life and trees (flora and fauna) from human destruction.  These parks protect the numerous different species (40,000 or more) of plants in India.  The see that endangered species of animals also are protected.

India has divided its region in to Bio-spheres. The government has marked many areas as Biodiversity Parks, which are 100's of hectares, consisting of many bio-species that are to be protected.  One such example is Baner-Pashan Biodiversity Park near Pune.  This region is protected by Government.  Such Parks are managed by state biodiversity boards.

The biodiversity parks are to be protected from human interference.  People cannot cut trees and kill wild life in these parks.  Proper regenerative cycles of wild life and energy flows are maintained.

There are other examples : Aravali Biodiversity park, Yamuna Biodiversity park near New Delhi.
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