After the swan had been saved by siddhartha, it was very happy and wanted to thank siddhartha. write an imaginary dialogue between the swan and siddhartha.the beginning of the dialogue has been given.
SWAN:dear siddhartha i want to talk to u.
SIDDHARTHA: yes, my dear . what's it? tel me, dont fear anyone.
SWAN: dear prince, its only because of your kindness , i m stil alive today.
SWAN: imagine wat would--------------------------------------
SIDDHARTHA:dont u think it was-----------------------------------?
plzzzzzz fill this lines.........



siddhatha: why?? do u think so .. god has made everyone and only he can take life anyother person cannot take anyones life and u r too made by god so i only did what i have learnt since childhood..

swan: imagine what would happen if u haven't saved me ..? i would die ,,

siddhartha: don't u think it was his mistake who was killing u for his own fun??

swan: no.. dear prince god has made everyone depends on us how we want to live and that person don't even know what was he doing .

prince: yes.. u r correct ....!! now u r free and u can fly high into the sky.. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR HIGH FLIGHTS :D

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