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Cyclo:  Hai, Moto!  how are you?  Meeting you after a long time. 
Moto : Hello Cyclo, do want to run with me ?  We can chat while on the move.
Cyclo:   Hey, Moto, what are you saying?  I do not want to race with you yaar. 
             I believe in "Slow and Steady Wins the Race".

Moto:  Why are u still existing in this modern age?  Look I am so quick.
Cyclo:   True,  You are quick,  But you cause a lot of accidents.  The youth  
             just get crazy after get on you.

Moto:    But you see I am beautiful.  People pride on possessing me.
Cyclo:     But you know beauty does not run the world.  I congratulate you 
               for your beauty.  On the other other hand you are so complicated. 
               If there is a repair for me, the rider fixes by self.  You have to be
               carried on a rickshaw to the work shop.

Moto:    Well, so many use me.  Boys and girls enjoy riding me.  Even
              families too.
Cyclo:    Yeah, they get too fat sitting on you and not doing exercises.  Then
                come and ride me for exercise to thin down.  All boys and girls
                go to schools on me.

Moto:    But I am the future for the transport. You are obsolete.
Cyclo:    You cause pollution. I don't. In future if the fuel is finished, all people have 
              to use me.  I will be the last resort.  People learn me first and you next.

Moto:   I agree you are better than me.  But we have our positions in people's lives.
Cyclo:    yeah, right. you are still the pride of a boy or man.  They have races for you.
               Okay friend, my owner is coming now.  I must go.

Moto:   okay, take care.  See you next time.

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Cycle- Hey!Yo!whassup!? Moto- Nothin' much I m jst goin' to the body shop.To fix my wheel that i had broked n an stunt Cyclo- Oh so sorry to hear.Ya mst be in pain? Moto- Yeah! But its fine nothin ventured nothin gained i wazz thinkin' to get a new whelo nd ya how things goin'!? Cyclo- A'right! Jst movin' around to enjoy this chilla weather Moto-Okay c'ya later Cyclo-yeah bye cacht ya laty
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