When people lose their ability to memorize data they have amnesia.this is mainly because of some accidents they lose their memory .Retrograde amnesia means you have lost memories for events PRIOR to the accident .Unable to recall who they were before the incident but still retaining most of their activities . Though she can still speak whatever modern language they're speaking. they still have the knowledge about their language but they would be completely wiped out from their past activities.
first of all a partial or total loss of memory is called Amnesia. during amnesia, people are unable to recollect information stored in different part of their brain.amnesia  do not affect their ability to do something, like their language.this happens because a person's memory and language skills are controlled by different parts of our brain. therefore during amnesia a person loses his/her memories and not their language skill
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cerebrum control our memory and cerebellum controls our language skills
hippocampus dose what?
is hippocampus related to amnesia??
o yes it is very much related to it
really?? how?