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I am giving argumentative essay between rationality and spirituality.

Rationality means to think and act in a rational way, to be logical and reasonable. Spirituality is beyond intellect and is about one's spirit or nature. While rationality sees the real, based on reason, spirituality establishes relationship with the spirit and transcends all that is material.

Rationality relates to and questions the real to derive reasons. But Spirituality is a way of accepting and living comfortably in harmony with nature. The reasons derived at logical approach may not necessarily be good reasons. Or one may say when reason may provoke anger, spirituality calms. Spirituality gives strength as it did to the people who followed Gandhi. Even when America was trapped George Bush went to pray to church. This only proves the spirituality's power in the world.

So I conclude that Spirituality does exist in some phases but in small spaces in whole of the world.
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