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If i have won the first price i would have went to the museum in delhi because that would be somewhat useful for our education and it would also be joyful for us.............the lucky person who would come with me would be one of my close friend because we two can enjoy this journey a lot.........a visit to the museum imparts us knowledge about the civilisation about the past.there would be records consisting of achievements made by indian states after independence...........the museum would show some records that how our country has been marched ahead towards progress and would wish to visit a museum to know more about our india with one of my close and best friend...............
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of course
please could u help me with conclusion
ya.......but can u say what to add asa hint so i can add as conclusion
I would like to visit the chittorgarh fort in rajasthan as it describes the past of my state and the past of Mewar. I would with my friend as he likes history and we would get to know about many things of Mewar . we should know the past of the state which we are living in. it is also said that this city was sited in the Mahabharat epic. So, i would like to know about it . It is also the largest fort in India. It would help me to know more about India.  
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So, i would like to visit that place
difficult to choose
the best
thank you