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As u know from newtons second law if u put F=0 then u get A=0.This means if no unbalanced force is applied on an object its acceleration will be zero.If it is at rest it will remain at rest and if it is moving it will continue to move in the same direction with the same speed...But u know that this statement is of newtons first newton's first law is only the special case of newton's second law...I HOPE U GET IT...
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From second law we have   F α m(v - u)/t
                 F = kma where k = 1 
F = ma

so it the body is at rest then the acceleration is zero so F = m x 0 = 0 N
so the net unbalanced force acting on it is also zero so hence it states that a body at rest tends to attains it's state of rest and  vice-versa.
if a =0, => v = constant state of uniform motion in a single direction or state of rest. first law talks of both states.