Animals are just like us, living beings then who gave  us the right to kill them. If we cant give life to somebody we must not take it. Animals are oached for hteis meat their fur and many other things thet they provide us. WE can only use a camera to capture their pics and keep it as a mwmoir but we must never harm them
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Animals form a basic part of the natural balance on the Earth. Their existence play a major role in the Earth. They are the organisms which maintain a balance on Earth and also within themselves. They eat plants while some eat the one who eat plants and so on. They are also too great in looking. If we do not save the animals we cannot save the Earth. It is very pathetic to see them been poached and killed for their skin, claws,bones,etc. When they are killed their complete generation and species becomes extinct. Ex:- Mammoth,dodo bird,etc. Once a species is lost we cannot get it back. So we must not interfere into the lives of the animals and let them lead their life and maintain a harmonious balance in nature.
So it is clear to say that shoot animals with a camera not by gun.
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