The life of some students may be full of stress but some may even enjoy the toughest situation of their life. For example let's take a boy who enjoys his life.
From morning nothing can stop him from going on with his job.He will be able to listen well in his classes whereas let's take a boy who stresses his life he studies very hard at nights. That happens just because his parents force them to do so. He would read his lessons half minded.This should not happen. Let me tell you a student's life should be.
A boy when he wakes up after doing all his morning works should spend a minimal time for reading. Then the boy should get ready for school. In the school listening should be the only aim in the boy's mind.Or else he may be scolded by the teacher.It's not that a student should always be studying in school. The boy should also spend some time  with friends.After the school gets over the boy spend some time in playing.Then the boy should not stress himself in studying.What ever the boy read.He should read it correct.Then after bed he should go for bed.So this should be the activities in a student's life.