Mahatma Gandhi is remembered in the world for four major virtues. They are non-violence, truth, love and fraternity. By applying these four virtues he brought freedom to India.  
His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born in Porebandar of Gujarat on 2 October 1869. His father was an officer in charge of a Province. Mohandas married while he was reading in High School.
After passing the Entrance Examination he went to England to study law. M. K.Gandhi was not born great. He was an ordinary child like many of us. In the beginning he acted like a common child. He told lies only once in his life.However, he corrected his bad habits very soon. He smoked cigarette only once. He took meat with his friend only once. All these things were done due to the influence of bad company in his childhood. One day he confessed all these bad deeds before his father and vowed not to repeat them.                                              

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Mahatma Gandhi was born on Oct. 2, 1869 at Porbandar, in Gujarat, in a noble Hindu family. His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. After passing his matriculation examination, he was sent to England to study law. In 1890, he returned from England as a lawyer.Soon after his arrival in India, he was called to help the Indians who were facing numerous hardships under the British rule in South Africa. Gandhi started the Satyagraha movement against the unjust treatment meted out to the Indians there by the British.In 1914, Mahatma Gandhi returned to India and immediately put himself in the forefront of freedom struggle movement that had just begun. Within a few years he became the undisputed leader of the national movement for freedom.Under his leadership Indians irrespective of castes, community, race, gender, and age, etc. took up the cry for freedom. The British realized that they could no longer stay in India and was forced to grant independence to our country on Aug. 15, 1947.Today Mahatma Gandhi is considered as ‘The Father of the nation because he laid the true foundation of frees India with his noble ideals and supreme sacrifice. His death was a blow to the forces of peace and democracy.His immortal legacies will not be washed away by the waves of time but will continue to change our country as well as the whole world. Jai hind!..

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