Adjectives are the words that are used to describe nouns and pronouns. For example- He has a blue pen. Here 'blue' is describing the noun pen.
Types Of Nouns-
1. Adjective of Quality- These are used to describe the nature or the characteristics of a noun. For example-large, bulky, generous etc.
2. Adjective of Quantity-
These are used to show approximate amount of nouns. For example-many, one-third, half, few etc.
3. Adjective of Numbers-
These are used to show exact numbers of nouns. For example- one, first, everal, many etc.
4. Demonstrative Adjectives-
These are used to show a particular noun. For example- this, that, these, those etc.
5. Interrogative Adjectives-
These are used to asks questions about nouns. For example- where, what, which and whose.
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Kinds of Adjective are:
1.Adjectives of quantity:An adjectives of quantity answers the question how much.
2.Adjectives of number or numeral adjectives:They answer the question 'how many?' Numeral adjectives are of three kinds: 
1. Definite numeral adjectives 
2. Indefinite numeral adjectives 
3.Distributive numeral adjectives 
3.Possessive Adjectives:A possessive Adjectives modifies a noun by telling whom it belongs to. It answers the question "whose?"
Demonstrative Adjectives:The demonstrative adjectives that, these, this, those, and what answer the question "Which?"
Distributive adjectives:There are four distributive adjectives in English: each, every, either and neither. Distributive adjectives are used with singular nouns. The following verb is usually singular, but can be plural in a very formal style.
6.Interrogative Adjectives:The Interrogative Adjectives are used with nouns to
ask questions
ndefinite Adjective:An indefinite adjective gives indefinite, or general, information. Often, it answers the question "How much?" Some common indefinite adjectives are all, any, each, every, few, many, and some.