As mr.modi said to make india clean, that does not mean that only the roads should be cleaned. our homes and schools should also be cleaned. especially in schools, everyone get snacks from canteen and put it just down.if one day 10000 wrappers and papers are cleanes in a school alone then if you see mean for one day 14,000,000,000  can be cleaned per overall scools in india. for a year 420,000,000,000 can be cleaned in a month and 511,000,000,000 can be cleaned in a year, from canteens alone. if we clean the ground and class means nearly  half of the india will be cleaned. we sould not clean just that our pm said to as, we should clean our school because it is like our temple, and also to keep us away from the diseases we should clean our schools. so let us clean our school and make india clean and also get away from diseases.