Make noun phrases (ITS TOO URGENT FOR MY EXAM)
1. His father wished to speak to the Headmaster?
2.The wicked vizier loves getting people into trouble?
3.The poor debtor intended to pay back every penny of the money?
4.He dislikes having to punish his servants?
5.Horses prefer living in dark stables?
6.I should hate to do such a thing?
7.Have you ever tried climbing a coconut palm?
8.Thinking good thoughts precedes good actions?
9.He refuses to answer the questions?
10.To write such rubbish is disgraceful?



1. his father wished to speak.
2. the wicked vizier loves.
3. the poor debtor.
4. he dislikes his servants.
5. horses prefer.
6. i should hate to do.
7. have you ever tried.
8. thinking good thoughts.
9. he refuses
10. to write.