Post man means some one who delivers mail. He is a public servant. The post man works in a post office. He wears a khaki shirt, belt around his waist and khaki turban on his head. He carries a leather bag cross to his shoulder. His dress is supplied by government to him. The post man carries letter, parcels and money orders in his leather bag. He delivers them to different several of addresses. He travels every day, in sun or in shower. He also carries post cards, stamps, envelop with him to sell them to the public on the way. Postman gets a low salary but does a responsible job. He is a polite person and very popular within the public. The post man is a great friends of us. Although these days emails and vast internet is changing the style of mailing so we must have to help him to survive his life.

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Postman is a person who delivers letters to people at their doorstep. He wears a Khadi uniform and he is a servant of the Government. The main job of a postman is to safely deliver the letter to the respective homes. They also are not paid much. Nowadays people do not send any more letters as they have the facilities of Internet in the form of E-Mails and chats through Facebook,etc. So now most of the postmen have lost their job.