Adding suitable noun clauses-

1. I cannot understand________________?
2. They all said____________________________?
3. I think___________________________?
4. This is just_______________________________?
5. He told me_____________________________?
6. ___________________________ is a well known fact?
7. D o you know___________________________?
8. I wonder________________________?
9. I do not know_____________________________?
10. Please show me_____________________________?
11. ______________________ is quite certain?
12. I feel certain______________________?
13. Tell him________________________________?
14. Will you tell me____________________?
15. His father was anxious______________________?



1. what she want to say.
2. that pita is a beautiful girl.
3. that you can do the grammar.
4. what i want to say you.
5. that his life is in a great danger.
6. that she is a good girl.
7. that mita has a versatile pen.
8. why taj mahal is so beautiful.
9. where Mr. Das lives.
10. what is in your hand?
11. That she will arrive.
12. hopes that really comes true.
13. that sita is in great danger.
14. where she is going?
15. as he donot want to read biology.