Deforestation means cutting trees , not only the trees cut in forest is known as deforestation .......Wherever (Forest or an area with many trees) the trees are cut that is known as deforestation either in forests or in a place with many trees....... It causes many problems like Global Warming and leads to disasters like floods and landslides......
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Deforestation is the cutting and removal of trees and vegetation in the marked forest areas or in areas full of vegetation.

The word deforestation is not used for the cutting or trees or plants in residential areas. 

Deforestation creates imbalance in the ecosystem.  So in forests, they have processes to see that the rate of cutting of trees is almost same as the rate at which the forests are regenerated.

In the areas where we live, the trees and plants are important.  They give oxygen to us. They absorb some sound pollution.  They give us shade. They give us fruits and flowers.  Cutting them creates a lot of problems.  The surroundings get hotter. We do not feel freshness.  Greenery is good for the eyes.  Early morning walkers do not feel good walking along roads with out trees.  It is always good to walk in parks, because we feel so good and become healthier walking among plants.

Cutting trees and plants in the neighbourhood is not good.  It does not imbalance the ecosystem of the world.  But it makes our living environment standards.