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Abel have been living partly with Amelia and partly with Elizabeth. Recently he have been with Amelia. A few days ago Amelia thought him dead and had tried to pinch bits of his things before Elizabeth come. After the arrival of Elizabeth and her husband also they concentrated more on sharing his things rather than on hisdeath. No one bothered about his death. He want to teach a lesson as they have no love and effection towards him.
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Abel Merry Weather's wife past away earlier then him, which made him lonely in this world. As it is always said that during the old age a companion is must for everyone and loneliness can drive a person mad because he or she cannot share anything with anyone and during the old age a mental support is required. Later after sometime Abel slowly realized that his daughters were not interested in taking care of him and his daughters were only interested in the money of his grandfather. So he felt like he needed someone who can take care of hm, give him a moral support and also he wanted to spend his old age days merely as he was a man with lots of happiness. Hence he decided to go for a second marriage.