Stop using bottled water – In most cases it is no safer than tap water and costs 3 times as much gasoline and 1,ooo times as much as tap waterBring your own reusable grocery bags with you

when you go to the storeUse a refillable dispenser for your hand soap and dish washing liquid, one large bottle is better than using a bunch of small ones
Use a reusable container instead of sandwich bagsBring your own to-go mug with you to the coffee shopSay no to single serving packaging, buy in bulk and share with friends instead
Use silverware instead of plactic utensils, keep a set at the office, bring a set on a picnic or to the beach
Download your music instead of buying CD’sSeek out items that are not made of plasticAvoid plastics that are not readily recyclable -#3(pvc), #4(ldpe), 
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hmm this too
you can write smaller paragraphs. rather than a big one.
but for more understandibility i wrote
split sentences. all ur sentences are mixed up.
- We can use paper or jute bags instead of plastic ones.
- Avoid using plastic utensils ,they are non-biodegradable besides harmful, use       steel or silverware instead.
- Follow the 3R's, reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce buying plastic objects that are   non-biodegradable. Reuse plastic things, like making a pencil stand out of old     plastic bottle. And recycle the plastics.
- There are metal and glass reusable plastic bottles, use them instead of plastic     ones.
- Avoid using little plastic things which are not so necessary like straws.
- Tell about the side-effects of plastics to your family, friends, relatives, etc. 


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