In our life, cleanliness is having a great role. That's why only legends like FATHER OF OUR NATION  - MAHATMA GANDHIJI has worked a lot for achieving that aim. But he couldn't. Now, we could see our present Prime minister Narendra Modi working hard for fulfilling our Gandhiji's ambition. He has just announced to make every public place on our India. He has just asked to make every places like temple, public roads, hospitals, schools from waste. This mission was officially announced by our PM on  october 2nd at Rajghat of New Delhi. Through this mission. actually Indian Government is making a well picture of the  need of a clean and healthy society in our nation . As a part of this, we could find great personalities like Sachin Tnedulkar coming in streets with brooms to clean up. This actually make people to work the same. Thus we could gain a well healthy society .
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Swatch Bharat was a campaign launched by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This campaign was declared by Modi when he was to take the swearing ceremony of the Prime Minister. The campaign was actually started on 2nd October,2014 on Gandhi Jayanti. The main aim of the campaign was to achieve success in cleaning the rubbish of whole of India. We must keep our homes, streets,roads,hospitals,schools,etc. Narendra Modi had even made all swear that by 2nd October,2019 we must see to it that there is not even much rubbish is thrown in front of us.However this campaign is just about coordination which it greatly lacks.