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Collenchyma                                                      Parenchyma 
1.It is a living tissue.                                          1.It is a living tissue.
 2.Cells are elongated .                                         2.Cells are oval . 
 3.Cell wall is unevenly                                           3.cell wall is thin.
 thickened at corners .                                               
  4.cell wall is made up of pectin and cellulose .       4.cell wall is made up of
                                                                               cellulose . 
5.Ex: Mesophyll of leaves .                                       5. Ex: Veins , Midrib of                                                                                         leaves .                                                                                            
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living cells and isodiametric in shape.
cell walls are thin and made up of cellulose.
cells have distinct nucleus and a large central vacuole.
it stores food waste products and forms packing tissue.
it is present in all soft parts of the plants, i.e.,in stems,roots,leaves,flowers,fruits.
living cells with thick corners.
cell walls are thickened at corners with extra deposition of cellulose and pectin.
cells have distinct nucleus and dense cytoplasm.
it gives machanical support and carry out photosynthesis.
it is present below the epidermis in stems and leaves.

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