Write a short story of your invention by continuing the following "I jumped out from the bed at midnight "
points to be following
1.atmosphere for the plot :room seemed empty
a. loneliness and fear
b. legs began to tremble
c. suddenly in the corner of the room noticed somebody is sitting.
2. his description
a. unearthly human being
b. how could someone enter the bolted room?
3. interaction
a. I went near him but there is nothing
b. more frightened
c. switched on the light
d. shouted
e. people came in
f. there was no one
a.i realised that loneliness leads to mental hallucination



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   And then, I woke up suddenly.  I thought I heard some sound.  I sat up and then I jumped out quickly from the bed at midnight.  I looked around.  It was all dark.  There was a little streak of light from the street light.  The room seemed quite empty.  I felt lonely.  The feeling of fear crept in on my back. I felt a sudden chill.  My legs began to tremble slowly.  It was strange.  I wanted to call some one, but I did not have courage to.

   All of a sudden, I noticed that there is some one sitting in the corner of the room.  The outline suggested that it was a man.  I could not see the face clearly.  But he had two hands and two long legs.  He was not so good to look at, though he was not ugly.   A little movement was apparent.  I realized that it was an unearthly human being like creature.  I wondered how he could come in as I had (bolted) locked the room from inside before sleeping.  I stopped to guess that and looked up more carefully.

     I approached him slowly and noiselessly, without moving my eye off him.  He was still steady and unmoved.  I went very close to the corner of the room.  There was no body there.  I was even more frightened now.  I moved to the door and switched on the wall lamp.  The room was bright and I looked around carefully and with half courage.  I found no one.

   I could not stop myself from shouting.  I shouted aah ! Ma ! and shrieked. My nerves were quite tight and I was not knowing what  I should do.  My face and my cheeks were trembling and I could feel the blood rush to my face.

   I heard the sounds of my people coming in.  I looked up opening my eyes.  They asked me what had happened.  I mentioned that I saw some one in the corner.  They looked the room and bathroom.  The windows were closed.  So they concluded that I was hallucinating.  They gave me a glass of water. I drank it and my head cooled down and became steadier.  I reflected back on what all happened.  I realized that loneliness leads to mental hallucination.

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