Engish language is essential because its very important in every students life and career.mostly all the books are in english script.we cannot study any subject without learning english.the main aim of education is to make better citizens for tomorrow .so friends please learn english
Good Morning to one and all present here Ia m here to tell you about the importance of English language.Everyone knows that language plays important role in human life. English is a International language.Everyone say survival of the fittest. But let's remodel the wordings into SURVIVAL WITH LANGUAGE. After completing degree it's time to take up a professional course and of course those professional courses are in English medium. So I think you have to have a very good knowledge of English to be educated and to shine in the society. 

Every boss in a company looks qualified,smart and talented. We should be able to mingle with them.For that the thing we need is the language-ENGLISH.It's not that we can learn English only at school. We have another way-READ BOOKS.

So friends know the importance of English. I thank everyone for giving me such a golden oppurtunity.