On Sunday I was watching T.V suddenly i heard people shouting outside .. Firs I thought some people were fighting but then I realized that they were continuosly shouting towards our home..My mother quickly came out and saw almost 25 people standing outside and shouting...They were saying that because our house watches so much T.V that the other houses are not able to get enough electricity and our not able to watch T.V too ..When I heard all this I though there must be somebdy who had been spreading this fake news..Because my father nowadays is out of town, my mother is very brother/sister doesn't like T.V and i go out to play or do homework and get time to watch T.V only half an hour ...So it's not possible ..One man came inside our home and started scolding Me I was almost in tears..Then my mother took him out, almly but a little bit srictly too and started arguing with them. When I came out to tell something she shouted at me and told me to go to my room...This was all because she was frustrated . I thought it was better if I go inside and thought daydreaming about those people who were shouting outside..Then suddenly I fell asleep ...And after 2-3 hours when i woke up. I saw myself laying in the sofa ...The T.V was on and there were no people outside..Mum had gone out for shopping and my brother/sister was playing...Was this all a dream?
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