Hey! so i have a debate tomorrow on "e-ticketing has been effective in reducing corruption form booking system" and i am for.......i need urgent help as i am getting no good information from the net or please someone send me the link of any site from which i can get good info from



These are  some views correct is yourself
 1 it has helped us very much because first we were seeing that if we were not getting tickets from station the tickets were sold in black means that if many peoples 3 tickets  want the ticket the prices were increased and the person who pay  the highest price the ticket was given to them but by e ticketing we can book 
book our ticket on net only and in correct price
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yes,  e  ticketing  is  very  helpful  in  reducing  corruption  because  there  is  no  chance  of  mistakes . 

the  payments  are  done  by  net  banking  and  the  money  is  taken  from  our  respective  bank  accounts. 

we are also receiving an online bill which we can print as a proof.

we do not have to stand in lines for hours.

we can our tickets in just some seconds.
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