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Villages give the essence of indian lifestyle and origin. India has nearly 640000 villages. It is important for the indian villages to develop like any other city or town. We should provide proper electricity, water, etc. The roads should be built so that it is easier for the villagwrs to travel. The water should be in adequate amount to meet their needs. Many villages have only a few hours of electricity. This should be avoided and they must be provide electricity for 24 hours. Schools, colleges, hospitals, etc should b built. This way the vilaages too would get developed. Hope this helps.... allthe best! :) ;)
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1. Loans for farmers(for the land he has in that village that panchayat should provide information to government for loans which are taken in access and causes). 2. Houses for havenots who were below poverty line. 3. Water facilities at regular periods. 4. Perfect and well planned roads. 5. Should be implemented 1. Drip irrigation. 2. Percolation tanks. 6. Compulsory education for children. By implementing all these village would help everyone in that village.