1)Woolen clothes are made of woolen which is a  type of yarn made of carded wool.
2)Woolen yarn is soft,light,stretchy and full of air.
3)Woolen yarn is in contrast to worsted yarn.
4)To make woolen clothes the fibers of wool are combed to lie parallel.
5)The woolen clothes are handmade and also by mechanical process.

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Woolen clothes.....
.Woolen clothes are made up of wool.
.They are obtain from sheep and keep us warm in winters.
.They trap sunlight in them and not let it go and thus, it keeps us warm in winters.
.It is a natural fiber obtain from sheep.
.They are very important for us ,without them we can't survive our winters.
.They protect us from cold .
.Example- sweaters ,some socks, mufflers and gloves. 
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