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With the development of human society, we have a new word, urbanization. It is the process of transforming a modern rural society which relies mainly on agriculture to a modern urban society which relies mainly on industry and service. Urbanization has become an inevitable trend. This essay will explain the positive effects of urbanization outweigh the negative ones of urbanization.The city is the symbol of humanity civilization and the center of economics, political and social life. It is associated with humanity civilization and progress. In ancient times, human began to settle in communities; with the development of industry and commerce, cities emerged to rise and urban civilization began to spread. In fact, at that time, the size of the city was small, because the surrounding countryside formed a small unit, they are relatively close. The real meaning of city is the product of the development of industry and commerce. Milan, Venice and Paris in the 13th century were all the centers of the important business and trade. After Industrial Revolution, urbanization accelerated its steps. As farmers flocked to the new industrial center, the city received an unprecedented development.
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