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Right click in the memcached.exe and run as administrator. Since we are using windows 7 so it will show directly in right click itself.                  Now it’s time to install the memcached in server. To do that, Just open your command prompt as administrator settings and type the path of your executable file and space and –d install then hit enter.For your reference ,  D:\> your path memcached.exe –d start
                  To solve this issue you need to download the MSVCR71.dll file. I searched a lot for appropriate version and finally I got it. Here is the link You can download from here. Download the dll and paste it inside your system 32 folder which is in C:\Windows\system32  and again go to the command prompt and installation process and hit enter. Now it won’t show you any error. So that you are sure that your memcached installed successfully.

            After insatalling go to services inside control panel and search for memcached server and start the service. Else you can go to command prompt and type start memcached server. You will get success messege.:             Finally you have to change configuration in php.ini file to start working with you memcached with PHP. Then only php will configure with memcached. For this you need php_memcached.dll .