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Drugs, in English, mean two things. The first one is simply a medication, which is why in the US you will have a lot of drug stores which are simply the apothecaries (shops with various kinds of medicine). On the other hand, we also have the malevolent meaning, which is used for highly addictive, psychoactive drugs like some types of mushrooms, LSD, heroin, cocaine, opium, methamphetamines, etc. 

The usage of a word drug is extremely interesting because it just assumes that a drug, whatever the kind, is a substance which alternates your body in a certain way and is in some way addictive. It doesn't say that drugs are either harmful or helpful for human health. Quite frankly, in most situations they can both, do hard or help a person.

Some of the drugs are banned from personal and medical use and cannot be prescribed by doctors, because of their highly addictive and potentially very harmful influence to the human body. Those policies seem to be heavily controversial and the discussions around them are getting hotter every day lately. 

Some additional facts: 
- Alcohol and cigarettes are officially stated to be drugs with focus on the first of them. 
- Many people believe that legalizing all the drugs is the only way to win the drug war, as it seems to be an only option to regulate the drug market legally with the help of governments. 
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