Importance of reading~

Reading is important because..umm...there isn't because..! But as we read we have 100s of advantages like~ we can improve are reading skills..~ we will have a good concentration ~ we'll be able to learn many new words ~ Our English would improve 100% ! ~ and many..So I am really fond of reading and when I read I imagine those people in the book..And that's why I am good at creative writing..That may happen to you too..
So, You should read as your reading skills would improve and related to reading many things of yours will improve..So reading is it has morals etc too...And not only english reading helps all kind of languages in reading can help too.....So it's basically very important if you go to school...HOPE I HELPED!

- Reading is a very good mental exercise. It exercises our brain.
- By reading novels, books a person's vocablory is improved immensely.
- Reading is an entertainment and certainly better than televisions and video   games.
- Reading increases understanding. It increases the ability to understand and share   the feelings of another. 
- Reading enhances imagination too.
- Reading makes the mind peaceful, still, relaxed.
- Reading also makes us aware of our world. The different customs, traditions,   etc.
- Reading also improves our language skills.
                                       KEEP READING!!!!