Word - Baffled
Meaning - unable to understand, confused, puzzled.
Sentence - She was baffled when she saw the question, it was very complicated. 
                 Ryan admits that he was slightly baffled when he saw the map.   

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is it an adjective
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The word is AMIABLE

Meaning~ Displaying a friendly or pleasant behaviour

Sentence~ Rahul is new to school and I even feel that he is lonely but still he's trying to be AMIABLE and that's really good of him..

Another sentence so it's clear in another way ~ That girl, teachers have told her so many times to be pleasant with us but still she isn't amiable and I can not handle myself in front of her!

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The word is Destructive ...Meaning~ doing great damage...Sentence ~ That boy of yours was in a destructive mood yesterday..He just broke all the glasses which were kept in the table! Mini is not at all destructive she is very delicate and charming