Time-saving, especially when a purchase is made via Internet;

Digitally stored tickets in the airline database, which protects You against loss, theft, or the fact that you simply forgot it;  

Possibility to purchase tickets for other persons who are in another city, or for some other reason are unable to buy a ticket themselves. After the purchase the check-in process is the only thing that’s left for them.

When you travel with an electronic ticket it is preferably to save your itinerary receipt (printed e-ticket) during whole trip, this is not mandatory, but it may be required by the airport security service at the entrance, during passport control or customs inspection, as a proof that you have a return ticket.

In spite of their advantages, e-tickets have some disadvantages.
 A computer crash could cause a passenger's reservation and other information to simply vanish.

Most networks have backup systems in place to prevent such an occurrence, and passenger printouts of e-ticket documents can guard against this, but it remains a possibility and has happened in the past. Also, frequent flyers, such as business travelers, might make last-minute changes to their plans and forget to use the original e-tickets or apply their value to another flight. In that case, the old paper ticket might serve as a simple reminder.With its much-improved efficiency, e-ticketing also could make some jobs, such as those at travel agencies and airline reservations desks, obsolete, adding to unemployment.
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Advantages of E-Tickets
-Travelers have much more information at their fingertips thanks to online ticket purchasing.
-Compare costs and examine various routes and flight times through online portals that collect information from multiple airlines at once.
-E-tickets are sent to your inbox, where you can store them until you head to the airport.
-You also can send your flight information to friends and family so they can track your trip's progress; this is especially convenient if someone is picking you up from the airport.
Disadvantages of E-Tickets
-The disadvantages of e-tickets are relatively few; however, if you are less technologically savvy or don't use computers and email, you may find the online ticket purchasing system confusing.
-You may accidentally delete the email containing your e-ticket or it may get lost among the many messages flooding your inbox.
-E-tickets also take away some of the personalization of gifting a plane ticket to a friend or loved one.

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