Disadvantages of E-Tickets
-The disadvantages of e-tickets are relatively few; however, if you are less technologically savvy or don't use computers and email, you may find the online ticket purchasing system confusing. 
-You may accidentally delete the email containing your e-ticket or it may get lost among the many messages flooding your inbox. 
-E-tickets also take away some of the personalization of gifting a plane ticket to a friend or loved one.
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you can book tickets in others names. so gifting is possible.
u can always get your ticket reprinted from the history of booking... so not a problem
no it isnot
in 1 way
*AGAINSTNo,e ticketing is not succesful in controlling corruption.For e ticketing they ask for our pin no. of our bank account .they can misuse our bank accounts. E-ticketing agents usually charge extra Rs 5 to 10 per ticket.through these 5-10rs. they earn more than thousands of black money.The officers of cyber police of city’s crime branch arrested a man for  booking online tickets from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) website using fraudulent means. The accused had used special software, through which he would make numerous bookings in Tatkal, within minutes, resulting in non-availability of tickets to other passengers.And that person is  identified as Suraj Yadav, a railway ticket agent ,a part of e ticketing company. The complaint stated that, between April 1 and April 25, the accused had booked 44 tickets through that website.and the money of these 44 tickets were misused by suraj. 

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