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  About 20 years ago people used to pay a lot of money to them for getting tickets illegally and ahead of others.

E-ticketing in India reduced corruption almost completely.We book railway, flight and bus tickets through the e-tickets.

Long ago the tickets were booked manually. People had to go to booking centers and booking agents. At that time during heavy rush periods (like holidays), the agents or clerks could charge money for giving ticket/reservations ahead of others.

But now, most of the tickets are booked on line.  So there is little chance for any agent or person to take bribes to book a ticket.   But there can be some ways people take bribes or commissions and do booking.  But it is reduced to a large extent  as most of the places are purchased through automatic electronic ticketing systems through computers and mobile phones using the internet.

So now the booking clerks or the Ticket checking personnel cannot take money from the passengers.  It is just not the e-ticketing method, also the people have learnt to deal with corruption at this level.

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