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1)elephants are the large mammals whose mass is about 5,500 kgs.

2)in some areas,elephants are treated as sacred.

3)generally elephants are found in dense forests.

4)the elephant's tusk is used in preparing paints.

5)elephants generally like plentiful bananas .
1.An elephant is large. 
2.Elephants have large tusks. 
3.Elephants have big ears. 
4.Some elephants come from Africa. 
5.Some elephants come from India. 
6.Elephants have trunks. 
7.Elephants Like to swim. 
8.Elephants eat grass.
9.Elephants are the largest animal on land. 
10.An elephant never forgets. 
13.Elephants show as much concern for their family as humans do. 
14.Elephants are so large that the word elephantine is used to describe any large thing. 
15.A person who works with elephants is called a mahout. (He will gladly sit on an elephant, but will never let an elephant sit on him.
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