The basic forces of nature are:
Gravitational force
    It is the force of attraction between any two bodies by the virtue of their mass 
Electromagnetic force
    It is the forced produced by magnetic field and electrical field.
Strong nuclear forces

Weak nuclear forces

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Force is an influence that affects the (inertia or) motion of a body or its state of rest.  It is like a push or pull.

It makes a body with mass to alter its state of rest (inertia) or of uniform motion in a direction.  A force acts on a body through a contact or through a field in space. 

Forces are of two broad categories:

1. Contact forces:

         These forces are exerted by one object on another object through the surface of contact between them.  The force could be at any angle to the contact surface.

      Examples are: Friction force,  Normal (reaction) force,  Tension in a string or rod,  Spring (restoration against extension or compression) force, an applied force (push or pull), Air resistance or drag,  Buoyancy force in a fluid.

2. Distant forces or non-contact forces:

         These are the forces acting on an object though space. There is no contact between the body causing the force and body on which the force acts.  The force is caused due to the field of force in space caused by gravity or an electric charge or a magnetic pole.

       Examples are:  Electric force of attraction, Nuclear forces (weak forces),  Magnetic force of attraction or repulsion, Gravitational force of attraction.