a person on tour has rs360 for his daily expenses if he exceeds his tour programme by 4 days he must cut down rs 3 per day find the no of days of his tour proggraame usindg quadratic equation

another question is find the discriminant following equation and compare its nature of its root

1] 4x^2 +4 root3 x +3=0

2) 2x^2 -4x+3=0



-4√3 +-√48-4*4*3
root will be imaginary
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Assume that the person decided to go on for a tour for 'x' days. Now, he has a total of 360 rupees for his daily expenses. This means he spends 360/x per day. Suppose he extends his programme by 4 days his daily expenses reduce to (360/x - 3) rupees per day. Now the number of days he spends on tour are x+4 days with 360/x - 3 rupees to spend per day and the total amount of money be had is 360. We have our equation (x+4)(360/x - 3)=360 By simplifying this you have x²+4x-480=0 Using quadratic formula you will have the answer to be 20 days
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