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Let the speed of the train be x km/h
=>(360/x+5) + 1
=>360(x+5) = (360+x+5)x
=>360x+1800 = 360x+ x^{2} +5x
=> x^{2} +5x-1800=0
By solving this equation the value of x is 40
Therefore the speed will be 40km/h
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gautam, you may use the equation editor in the brainly - answering browser window - the button Pi gives you that. The square symbol is available - if you click the Omega button in that answering window, you will get many symbols. using these you can write more beautiful answers.
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Distance = 360 km
Let the speed of the train be u  km/h
be the time taken to complete the journey be t₁ hr
distance/speed = time
so     360/u = t₁  ............  ( i )

2nd case

the speed of the train (u + 5) km/h
so time taken  = t₁ - 1 hr

so 360/(u + 5) = t₁ - 1

substituting ( i ) in the equation




\frac{1800}{u(u+5)}=1   (cancelling the -1)


1800=u^{2} +5u

u^{2} +5u-1800=0

u^{2} +45u-40u-1800=0  (doing the middle term factor)



so u = - 45 and 40 
so speed can't be negative so the the speed of the train is 40 km/hr

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