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Punctuality is a good habit.It saves much of our time.Many things can be done within a short time if we are punctual.Time does not wait for anybody.If time is once gone we can not bring it back.We leave many things often undone.Punctuality helps us in gaining success in life irregularity lead to failure and regularity leads to success.A punctual boy learns what is called discipline.Punctuality is ,therefore neccessary inevery walk of life.We should,therefore,pay attention to this virtue Hope u like it.
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Punctuality refers to a responsibility actually a great responsibility where a person has to do things not with his own speed but with precision and great sense of alertness. We must always be punctual in all the dealings of our life. Time is costlier than any other object in the world including money. It is said that Time is money as it is indeed true as money cannot buy time. Time goes on its way and it is only our duty to run with it,i.e., if we are being punctual. 
So it is right to say that TIME AND TIME WAITS FOR NONE.
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