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It is unfortunate that in India we had to initiate a campaign such as Swachch Bharat. 

Swach Bharat Abhiyan had taken a lot of time and effort of many important persons in India.  It has caused an expenditure.  This would not have happened if India was maintained as clean as they do in the western countries or Singapore or Japan.  So much of media time had to be used.

The campaign is a voluntary one. It is not a compulsory. So every one need not understand and implement the recommendations of the campaign.

It is a slow process. It may take years to achieve good results.  What ever good results are obtained, it is still worth appreciating.

The abhiyaan has no way of punishing those bodies who are throwing waste and polluting natural resources.  It only believes in the change of mentality of the people in future.

It is very uncomfortable to do those activities directly, as they are not done automatically.

The abhiyaan involves a lot of physical effort.

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