Friction is both a friend and a helps in following ways:
1)it helps in gripping.
 2)it helps us to walk.if there was no friction we would never stop once we set into motion.
3)it helps us to write on paper or any other thing. friction is a foe for following reasons:
1)it is responsible for the wear and tear of machines.
2)it reduces the speed of a moving object.
 3)it is responsible for the wear of soles of shoes. hence it is a necessary evil.
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1.without friction you would slip and fall every time you attempt to walk.
2.there is very little friction on polished floor which is why we tend to fall down.
3.friction causes nails and screws to hold on walls.
4.without friction we can't light a matchstick.
5.with it writing on papers are impossible as the tip of the pen will slip on paper.
dis advantages is wasted to overcome friction. causes wear and tear of the parts that rub each other.
3.forest fires are caused due to friction between branches of trees rubbing against each other
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