The people who litter at public places are not realizing their mistakes as they are doing a great damage to the earth. Infact not only the earth, to their country..Which would be important at least to those people..who litter..As there are many steps taken towards cleanliness but still some people don't understand and shame on those people , Littering at public places makes our country even worse as it looks dirty...But some people don't understand that....Hopefully people would be a bit more kind to the nature and save the environment ...By not littering..The Places..
The people who litters at public place are not doing a good thing.....They litter there and also many splits ,by this that place becomes dirty and also the homes of germs ,no one wants to stand there ,and the people that do these things are making their reputation down .....Non- biodegradable wastes like plastic doesn't rot and also effects our environment ,many times the animals eat garbage and they also eat that plastic that is present in the garbage ..animals can't digest it and sometimes it stay in the food pipe and the animal dies .....people don't care about them and think that they are only animals if they will die nothing will happen but they forget that if someone do this type of habit with them ,then what will they feel? 
We are putting the environment in danger not only environment ...we are putting our lives on risk ,by polluting places, and also it looks bad......