The advantages of e-ticketing are:The technology of electronic tickets appeared in 1996 in USA. Now it is widely distributed in most countries, including Ukraine. All members of the International Air Transport Association must use such tickets starting from 2008.
An electronic ticket or e-ticket - is an electronic document that certifies the contract of carriage between passenger and airline. This is an electronic form of the usual paper ticket. 

time-saving, especially when a purchase is made via Internet;

digitally stored tickets in the airline database, which protects You against loss, theft, or the fact that you simply forgot it;  

possibility to purchase tickets for other persons who are in another city, or for some other reason are unable to buy a ticket themselves. After the purchase the check-in process is the only thing that’s left for them.

When you travel with an electronic ticket it is preferably to save your itinerary receipt (printed e-ticket) during whole trip, this is not mandatory, but it may be required by the airport security service at the entrance, during passport control or customs inspection, as a proof that you have a return ticket. 
A passport for adults and birth certificates for children are required for the check-in procedure at the airport. The ticket can be used to transport only the person mentioned in it. 
The main advantage of the electronic ticket is that it can’t be lost or forgotten at home, and there is no longer any need for a passenger to carry a ticket with him. It only remains to arrive at the airport on time, approach the check-in counter with your passport, get a boarding pass and enjoy your flight.  

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E- Ticketing is an useful way of reducing corruption because in E- Ticketing the specific and required amount of money is transferred from our accounts in any bank. So the officials will not have a percent chance to make any profit of their own. We can also have a print out proof of having made a payment through the Internet and there is no chance of us being made fool.We also save time as the time to make tickets at the booking center is reduced.