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Stage 1: Infancy - crying, playing, dependent
Stage 2: Student (school/college) - smartly dressed, complaining, school bag on back
Stage 3: Lover - unhappy, moody, temperamental
Stage 4: Soldier - swearing, quick-tempered, ambitious, fearless, decisive, protective
Stage 5: Judge - wise, protective, conciliatory, serious, responsible
Stage 6: Old age - thin, declining in health, weak
Stage 7: Extreme Old Age - no teeth, poor eyesight, poor taste, forgetful

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The stages of a man's life and it's characteristics are-
1. Infant-mewling and puking in the nurse's arms
2. School going boy-unwilling to go to school
3. Lover-writes woeful ballad for his beloved
4. Soldier-quick in quarrel and always seeking bubble reputation
5. Judge-has wise thoughts and always gives modern examples
6. Old man-leaned forward and wears funny slippers
7. Second childishness or the corpse-weak eyesight, weak teeth and everything is weak for him.
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