How to solve a quadratic equation by squaring?

Divide through by whatever is multiplied on the squared term. Take half of the coefficient (don't forget the sign!) of the x-term, and square it. Add this square to both sides of the equation. Convert the left-hand side to squared form, and simplify the right-hand side.
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Algorithm : Let the quadratic equation by ax2 + bx + c = 0
Step-1 : Divide each side by ‘a’
Step-2 : Rearrange the equation so that constant term c/a is on the right side. (RHS)
Step-3 : Add (1/2×b/a)^2 to both sides to make LHS, a perfect square
.Step-4 : Write the LHS as a square and simplify the RHS.
Step-5 : Solve it.
^2menas raised to power
what means ^
^ this means the symbol of exponent
it means "to the power of"
First make the square term a perfect term either by dividing or by multiplying.
Then try to make the equation in the form of a²+b²+2ab or a²+b²-2ab.
You can make it by consider an example
ax²+bx+c=0, here a is not equals to 0

Dividing whole equation by a, we get

x²+bxc  = 0
     a     a
x²+bx = - c
    a        a
 adding (b )² to both sides
x²+bx + (b)² =  - c + ( b)²
    a     (2a)       a    (2a)

(x+ b)² =  -c +
(    2a)     a    4a²
(x+b)² =  b²-4ac
(   2a)       4a²

x+b = + and - √b²-4ac 
  2a                   2a

x= -b +√ b²-4ac

x= -b -√ b²-4ac

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